Sunday, April 19, 2015

Art Workshop and Art-Reach Philadelphia

Joseph has been helping with the Art Workshop that I teach at
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills for the past 8 months.

This workshop was fortunate to participate in a series of events
in collaboration with Art-Reach, a non-profit organization that
"enriches lives by connecting underserved audiences with
cultural experiences so that they may enjoy and benefit from
the transformative power of the arts." *

We specifically participated in Art-Reach's Art Connection program, a
 program that permanently places original works of art with people that
would not otherwise have the opportunity to own it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Meet Joseph!

Joseph is just plain awesome...
and we love him very much!!
 Here he is hanging out at the Marriott Hotel while
en route to see my parents in Delaware, Ohio:
Here he is at one of our favorite places,
St. Peter's Village:

He is looking very demure in this photo.
His pants are all dirty from jumping the
multitude of rocks that bedazzle the creek.